Drupal SaaS Website Redesign

Drupal Redesign for Greenway Health SaaS Website

Greenway Health medical professionals

Greenway Health is a provider of software/SaaS products for health information technology (HIT), and they help improve care coordination, profitability, and efficiency for ambulatory healthcare practices.

A GWH dynamic component
GWH dynamic animations
The Greenway Health Marketplace
The GWH Solutions Gallery

Creating context

From an architecture standpoint, content clarity was key. Our strategy centered on differentiating content through an intuitive navigation that naturally guided users toward relevant content. We built components specifically designed to provide context to users about what Greenway Health is, what it does, and what it has to offer. 

We wove in language such as “software solutions” and “innovative technology” across the site to help reinforce and clarify Greenway Health’s offerings. We adopted a “show, don’t tell” mentality with the site design, and used icons, imagery, UI examples, hierarchy, and color to help users make a visual connection with Greenway Health’s solutions. 

The Greenway Health Knowledge Center

Scalable IA to incorporate/remove products as needed

When Greenway Health came to us, we were informed that its current product structure might be changing in the future. That meant we needed to build a flexible and scalable IA that would allow Greenway Health to add, remove, or change product information quickly and easily. 

We simplified Greenway Health's navigation to make it easier for users to get to solution and platform pages. By combining branded terms (platforms) and unbranded terms (solutions), users who don’t know which platform is right for their business still have a way to learn more about Greenway Health’s offerings.

Greenway Health Product Pages

Wordpress to Drupal

We leveraged Drupal to provide Greenway Health with a flexible, enterprise-level marketing platform that is easily manageable and provides an engaging user experience. The new Drupal site is a marketing tool to empower the Greenway Health team to spend more time marketing and less time (and budget) maintaining its website. 

The Greenway Health Site Redesign

Improving customer journey

Greenway Health’s old website was difficult to navigate and did not effectively support its customers’ journey. The menu wasn’t intuitive, it was hard to scan content, and there weren’t clear calls-to-action (CTA) on many of the pages. 

By using categories and familiar titles to simplify the menu, we provided users with better context before they even began to navigate the site. We redesigned every page, menu, and interaction to lead users toward conversion. Each page on Greenway Health’s new site is scannable, CTA-rich, and provides users with clear next steps.

The Greenway Health site on mobile

Eliminating Dead Ends

On Greenway Health’s old site, many pages didn’t link anywhere. We saw this as a missed opportunity. We began addressing this problem by clearly defining the role of each page (awareness, consideration, decision). 

For users in the awareness/consideration phase, we built a robust, dynamic relationship for all of Greenway Health’s resource types (blogs, case studies, webinars, etc.) so that we were able to serve up relevant content on every page. 

We integrated Greenway Health’s site with Marketo to gate some of the related content and convert awareness/consideration users into leads. For users in the decision phase, we ensured clear CTAs were present on every page to help get them in contact with someone on Greenway Health’s sales team as quickly as possible. 

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