Marketing platform designed to increase sales

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64% improvement in bounce rate, +13% new traffic
500% more contact page views 6 mo after launch
5% higher form conversion rates compared to average
Series of 8 science icons created for Lab Aids
Mockup of Lab Aids homepage on a floating screen
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UX solves for a complex sales cycle 

The largest marketing challenge for was breaking their offerings into easily understood pieces. The new website is a visually engaging and easy-to-use resource that allows teachers to understand the product, generates long-sale leads, and drives ready-to-buy users to the e-commerce site

Our goal was to transform the website into a powerful tool that not only motivates customers to believe and convert but also assists the internal Lab-Aids team in their sales process. Now, the Lab-Aids sales team is able to offer their website as a tool for prospective buyers; they can easily direct users through the improved UI. 

Content as conversation

We avoided obtrusive sales techniques and instead focused on educating a skeptical audience. The experience needed to feel like a conversation, not a sales pitch.

We designed the new website to emphasize informative content that would support the brand and spark an authentic “aha!” moment. We implemented a true/false CTA that incorporates a teacher’s love for learning into the sales process. Users are prompted to click true or false on quiz questions that direct them to core sales pages. Our hope was, the more teachers learned, the more convinced they would be.

Animated gif of Lab Aids CTA interaction, showing a true false quiz

Pages throughout the website are populated with key brand differentiators. Personal testimonials from teachers and Lab-Aids advocates show social proof in the product. Detailed program pages instill a confidence and familiarity with Lab-Aids products that are initially clouded by misconceptions. Corporate narratives and “about us” pages paint Lab-Aids as an extension of the teaching community with a mission, not just a rigid curriculum publisher. 

We felt that Elevated Third wasn’t just another contractor—they cared about our success, and we hope they remain a partner in our success for years to come.
Chris Keller, Product Manager

Dynamic site architecture in Drupal 8

With all of this powerful content at our disposal, we needed a strategy for its display on the website. We leveraged Drupal 8 for a component driven site architecture to arrange icons, pictures, infographics, and tabs into a user-friendly format. 

Drupal 8 allowed for unique combinations of individual components and gave the Lab-Aids team a sense of control and customization without requiring high-level technical expertise. These components fit within a form follows function approach to site design where the imagery actively supports the message, rather than merely decorating it. 

The Lab-Aids Icon Navigation on a mobile device
The desktop and mobile views of

Sparking sales

Our goal was to build a genuine sense of trust, making users more confident in the product and alleviating some of the anxieties associated with purchase. By guiding teachers through the benefits of Lab-Aids at their own pace, we gave them a chance to explore and actively consider how the product would fit in with their curriculum. This approach contributes to more qualified leads, a more robust user experience, and eventually, more sales. 

As with any marketing website, the new does not stand alone. It is just one element of a comprehensive marketing strategy. As such, it must be inclusive and complementary of the internal sales team. The highly customizable nature of the site allows sales to take ownership of the site, becoming a powerful resource they would be proud to reference.  

An ongoing partnership

This new iteration of the Lab-Aids website is only the first phase. Elevated Third will continue to analyze its performance against our original goals. The conclusions we draw from this process will help inform future tweaks and refinements.

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