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A Pair of Drupal Microsites Raise Awareness for Nonprofit

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At The Speed of Drupal

May is nationally recognized as Stroke Awareness Month. It is a crucial window of opportunity for the National Stroke Association to make a lasting impact regarding education and involvement.

This gave us a rock-solid deadline to work with. We carefully planned out each phase of the build and provided deliverables without delay. The Drupal CMS is ideal for this kind of build. It allowed us to work quickly without sacrificing quality or functionality. After designing wireframes and components to house content, we were able to quickly implement them within the Drupal framework. This spawned a customized website architecture, that prioritizes the user, maximizes engagement, and drives awareness, all with the consistency and reliability of a Drupal website.

Screenshots of the campaign

In less than three months, we went from the drawing board to website launch. The resulting website educated users and encouraged advocacy.

A Drupal Microsite for a Deserving Cause

Come Back Strong is a movement to generate stroke awareness and celebrate survivorship. With a message of perseverance, it helps prove that as devastating as strokes can be, there is hope for recovery.

A microsite to house the campaign provided a platform to share experiences that foster a sense of community. While the nonprofit website was the focal point of the campaign, participation would have to reach far beyond its confines. To meet these demands, we crafted a Twitter feed carousel which pulled in relevant posts based on a set of keywords determined by the National Stroke Association. Third party integrations helped publicize the #ComeBackStrong movement and developed a network of supporters, well-wishers, and survivors, ultimately driving awareness and funds.

Digital Empowerment for Nonprofits

Nonprofits should not be afraid to think big and get creative when advocating their cause. The National Stroke Association had big ideas and a tight timeline, but they entrusted Elevated Third to create a high-impact digital experience. Both the Stroke Awareness Month and Come Back Strong microsites helped drive awareness through a customized blend of education and participation, building a lasting foundation for stroke advocacy.

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