Pushing B2B Website Design with Drupal

B2B Website Design
for Numerator.com

The new numerator.com on mobile

We designed and built a site for the newly-merged, newly-branded SaaS company, Numerator, introducing a fresh look and modern Drupal 8 build.

The numerator.com site on a laptop computer
The dynamic navigation interaction on the numerator homepage

Presenting the Product

What was hidden behind a clunky, dated website was a mind-blowing suite of data intelligence products. Numerator uses several foundational datasets (from omnichannel marketing to merchandising to sales data) to help clients ultimately understand why people do or don’t buy their products, where they can get a competitive edge, and how to improve the entire experience. These datasets are immense, so their platform helps clients drill down to just what they care about, or just see the trends that matter. No more drowning in data. 

Card interactions on the Numerator product pages


Working with a New Identity

Armed with a fresh new brand from Numerator’s partner, SuperHuman, our team broke the grid and came up with a design that couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else in their space. Bold colors and typography, cool math references (get it…? Numerator?) and interactions that make their data punch through the narrative turned a previously forgettable site into a site you want to hang out on and actually read. Not to mention a laser focus on moving visitors down clear conversion paths. 

The old MarketTrack website
The new numerator.com website

Unconventional Design Meets Drupal 8

The open-minded Numerator team was game for the unconventional, as long as it stayed the conversion course. So the design team pushed the dev team hard. With regular collaboration, delightful interactions and literal out of the box layouts became a reality. 

The responsive experience was seamless, and most importantly, none of this got in the way of the Numerator content team building compelling pages with a straightforward admin experience. 

The new numerator.com website

The Result

The new site positions Numerator as a solution-oriented company instead of a product-driven one. Component-based design allows Numerator’s marketing team to make their value proposition clear and immediately show off the power of their technology and data. An admin-friendly Marketo integration makes their Drupal site a seamless partner to their lead-gen efforts. 

The result is a renewed digital presence that allows Numerator to stand out in the marketing intelligence space.

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