Rally Software

Technical Strategy and Enterprise Maintenance for Rally Software

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Technical support and consultation for Rally Software during a transition to a new domain.

Enterprise Drupal Support

Rally had a network of 7 Drupal sites based around a multisite installation. For the smoothest possible transition, these sites required support, maintenance, security updates and bug fixes. We helped the Rally team prioritize these items and worked alongside them to create, test, and deploy updates as needed. 


"The Rally Software website is a large multisite with many third party integrations. We helped to ensure a smooth transition as they were acquired by CA Technologies."

- Tanner Langley, Senior Drupal Developer

Technical Consulting

The transition underscored the need for organization and a deliberate, fully-realized, plan of action. As consultants, we recommended a development workflow that anticipated potential hiccups and responded to opportunities. 

We established a series of staging environments to ensure that the old site was undisturbed while content made its way to the new site. This allowed the Rally team to monitor and tweak project updates without worrying about compromising the live site.

Salesforce logoSalesforce

As a key component of a holistic digital marketing strategy, Salesforce helps make the most out of customer contact points. For Rally, prospective customers could complete a web form to sign up for a free trial of Rally’s software that would be automatically provisioned upon completion of the form. Salesforce helped the Rally team keep track of signups and nurture customer relationships accordingly. 

To support internal process changes following the acquisition, we modified Salesforce across Rally’s 7 Drupal sites. This meant not only reconfiguring the Salesforce account, it also meant reintegrating and troubleshooting as the new configurations went live. 

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