Rise Above Colorado

Interactive Website and Classroom Learning Tool for local nonprofit

A photo of a teenager smiling at a phone. Teenagers are the primary audience for the #iRISEABOVE campaign

Elevated Third is proud to partner with organizations that strive to affect positive change in their community.

The Rise Above Colorado mobile site showing an interactive community involvement page
Students posing in front of a mural they helped create
A photo of the community involvement page featuring a slider which showing the involvement levels of each community
A community page with categories of involvement that respond to social media participation

A Collaborative Effort 

The #IRISEABOVE campaign is the result of a collaborative effort between Elevated Third, and partner agencies Ground Floor Media, Kepler Group, and Creative Strategies Group. Ground Floor Media provided much of the branding and event organization for the campaign, Kepler Group handled the digital and social paid campaigns and Creative Strategies Group provided campaign vision and corporate sponsorship options. Elevated Third’s task was to provide a digital component for the overarching campaign. We worked closely with our partner agencies to ensure that our goals were aligned and we could all move forward with a cohesive campaign that respected and complemented the contributions of each agency. 

Community Oriented Campaign

Our goal from the onset was engagement for the nonprofit website redesign. We wanted to offer a tangible way for teenagers across the state to interact with the cause and empower themselves to subscribe to its message. We had to find a way to translate a digital campaign into actionable community involvement. 

The main navigation in which users can scroll horizontally to reach more content.

With the help of local software company, Wayin, we seamlessly integrated posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. This allowed for instant uploads from across social media platforms into a simple, scrollable, interface.
Often social media integration adds a lot of moving pieces to a website, so maintaining a sense of organization was crucial. With the help of Drupal CMS, we pioneered a smart back-end infrastructure which managed the constant stream of social content that flooded the website. This gritty underlying support system was masked by a simple, easily navigable field on the front-end. 

Sustainable Momentum

Living a healthy, drug-free, lifestyle can come in many different faces. We saw Coloradans “rising above” with hiking trips, card games, family dinners, soccer practices, concerts, and just about everywhere in between. The #IRISEABOVE campaign concluded with the unveiling of the statewide mural in Denver, but the stories of young people from across the state finding alternatives to drug use continue to resonate. 

Video integration for Rise Above's "Not prescribed" campaign
Social integration was an essential component of the campaign
Rise Above Colorado's "not perscription" campaign warns of the dangers of perscription drug abuse.
The "not perscribed" campaign viewed on a tablet

Enter the mural. As an outlet for expression and a focal point of social interaction, the mural represents the 12 participating regions of Colorado coming together under a common message. Students from Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Durango, Denver and more would each contribute a unique segment to a final, statewide, mural.

Social Media Integration

With the mural as the campaign’s strategic foundation, it would be up to Elevated Third to execute a website to drive online engagement. We leveraged our Drupal expertise to create a one-of- a-kind microsite populated with all sorts of social content to encourage interaction and celebrate regional identities. The idea was to foster involvement from the local level, upwards to the state. 

Each community “rises above” substance abuse in different ways and we wanted to reflect this diversity on the website. Social Media integration was the natural way to tell these stories in an authentic, community oriented way. Participation was encouraged by sharing social media posts with the #IRISEABOVE tag and a location. Each post counted towards a local participation total, sparking friendly competition across the state. 

Interactive Lesson

We also helped Rise Above Colorado develop an interactive lesson for their Not Prescribed campaign, an effort to educate kids about prescription drugs. Part creative design, part animation, part video production, part focus group testing we helped Rise Above create an interactive education tool to combat a serious risk for today's kids.

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