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Digital Accessibility Meets Mobility for Sprint Relay

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For more than eight years, we’ve helped Sprint Relay market their accessibility products to deaf, hard-of-hearing and special needs customers. From a time when phones didn’t even have colored screens, to now, where phones easily handle real-time video conferencing, we’ve helped the Sprint Relay business unit navigate the evolution of digital.

Our focus remains on SprintRelay.com, Sprint Relay’s website and hub of product and service information. Several brand iterations have given the site an updated look and feel as the company and its service line grew and changed over time. Our work with Sprint Relay has run the gamut from the development of interactive timelines to coordinating video shoots to developing digital brand standards.

Sprint Relay Wireframes

We designed the current incarnation of SprintRelay.com with accessibility in mind. Our job was to design a site that aligns with Sprint’s brand standards while catering to a very special user group. We took cues from human factors research and international design standards, and research into visual contrast, accessibility and usability were key. 

The outcome is a clean, accessible Drupal website that explains the service offerings in a clear way. Fully accessible and screen-reader friendly, the emphasis is on a simple approach to content that includes lightweight text, descriptive diagrams and clear calls to action that connect with product downloads and to the ecommerce platform at SprintRelayStore.com.

The current website’s move toward Drupal enables Sprint Relay to take control of their content marketing. A new generation of digitally savvy deaf and hard-of-hearing customers is taking the place of traditional relay users. Now, to better serve their customers, Sprint Relay has a website CMS that can respond to the changing market with an ever-evolving suite of products and services.

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