Sunpower Solar

Enterprise Drupal Development & Marketing Automation

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We provided lead development services to one of the largest solar panel manufactures.

The Sunpower financing page on a mobile device
The Sunpower homepage on a laptop
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An Interagency Effort

The design and build of the new was a multi-team effort resulting in a powerful open-source platform designed to drive leads and grow the business. The new enterprise Drupal website is tightly integrated with Eloqua to intelligently pass leads to appropriate internal sales teams. Translation capability allows the site grow internationally while ROI calculators and other consumer tools help drive potential customers into the sales funnel. A large emphasis during the development process was to build, implement and test the final marketing automation integrations across the site, alongside Acquia architects. Build, test, repeat was our mantra through daily standups and constant communication.
An infographic showing the Oasis energy delivery process

Agile Development for Rapid Results

Internally, our team acted as an extension of Acquia’s, who drove the process forward. Working completely agile, our Acquia-certified Drupal developers (including one Grandmaster), technical architects and account managers interfaced daily with Boston-based Acquia team members, and SunPower product owners from their headquarters in Silicon Valley. The process was interactive and collaborative and routinely handled on-the-fly changes as new requirements emerged. 

An Image of the Sunpower billing pages

On the visual side, FI’s team lead the design effort and our role was to interpret and implement their concepts and adapt them to a responsive Drupal framework. The resulting Drupal website is a slick, functional tool to sell SunPower’s advantage and drive new business.

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