Voice of Prophecy

Rich Media Website Design for Voice of Prophecy

Voice of Prophecy brings the teachings of the bible to a digital audience

A media hub that not only engages listener's—it spreads a message.

A Voice of Prophecy episode page viewed on a mobile device
An image of a Voice of Prophecy audio file
The browse episodes navigation on a desktop computer
Voice of Prophecy content can be experienced from the comfort of a desktop computer or a the convenience of a mobile device

Voice of Prophecy, a growing religious education and broadcast organization with an 85-year history, came to us with the challenge of building a website that would support them as they embrace more digital media including live streaming, video, podcasts, and editorial content. 

The process meant evaluating multiple third-party platforms and integrating them into a single Drupal-based experience Voice of Prophecy could manage going forward.

The Right Third-Party Tools

Voice of Prophecy was looking to use digital media in a big way going forward and needed the tools to produce, publish and manage it going forward. Through our discovery process, we helped the organization evaluate various media platforms and their integration potential, eventually settling on third party recorded video management, live streaming, recorded audio, and a VOP partner for membership integration. The strategy determined how we would use Drupal as a hub to draw everything together into one experience.

The homepage featuring audio episodes, events, news, and blog posts

Seamless Media Experience

With so many types of content, our design process focused on tying each story together on a single page. This meant designing a single UI that could handle multiple states as an episode progressed from upcoming to in-progress to archived:

  • Upcoming shows with teaser information
  • Livestreaming 
  • Recorded archived media 

The solution we designed allows users to swap between different media types on the fly and allows users to jump to chapter-specific content, complete with metadata. Media is managed through the various platforms and published to RSS feeds for maximum exposure. On page, related content is pulled in via tags for an all-in-one experience.

A Voice of Prophecy audio file being played on a desktop computer

Support For Growth

Beyond media, other tools support Voice of Prophecy’s other organizational goals including fundraising, event management, and communicating with members via password-protected areas of the site. Donations are seamlessly integrated for a better user experience and improved results.

Lastly, the site was built with personalization in mind, laying the groundwork for personal profiles and customized content, recommendations and email integration for the future.

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