Harrison Liss

Director of Business Development

Image of Harrison Liss

When your job involves talking to different people every day, it helps to have a wealth of experience traveling the world and meeting people along the way.

In his time at Elevated Third, Harrison’s role in sales has yielded clients such as Kaiser Permanente, SunPower, Regional West Health Services, Summit Materials and DaVita.

Supportive, challenging parents helped motivate Harrison to get out there and see the world. Living on both coasts and in the heartland, studying in South Africa and traveling through Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East, you might say Harrison has taken the long road to get to where he is now, but he’s enjoyed the journey nonetheless. While at a licensing and marketing agency before Elevated Third, Harrison worked in business development and account management with clients such as Pabst Brewing, MGM and FX Networks.

Consciously trying to break one’s own routines is what keeps Harrison challenged. Trying new things, meeting new people and collecting new Nike sneakers are only a few of Harrison’s tenants for being happy.