Jeff Calderone

Founder and CEO

Image of Jeff Calderone

There’s always a way to help someone understand.

That’s one of the lessons Jeff learned from his deaf parents who had to improvise creatively to be understood.

Experience in the non-digital world gave Jeff a grounded perspective in what it means to work––and work well. Whether working in construction and learning how to “move up” out of the mud, or anticipating what an anesthesiologist was going to do next to save someone’s life, Jeff has always looked for ways to do things better. This yearning for bettering processes and workflows was something Jeff was able to apply to projects like Comcast and the State of Colorado.

Since Jeff has been at Elevated Third since the beginning, he’s had a hand in every project the agency has worked on, from Dish to The Blackstone Group. What once started as a couple people working in a small office together has grown into a united, 25 - person agency. Jeff has the most fun when he works with smart people who are engaged and love what they do. Even arguments can be positive with a team that trusts each other and cares about their work.