5 Powerful Personalization Plays For Drupal


Website personalization is powerful, no doubt about it. But so many organizations are struggling with how to get started. Luckily, if you're already on Drupal, you're closer than you think.

But technology is only part of the problem. Once you can personalize, the question quickly becomes what to personalize? Starting small with some simple, effective plays can get your personalization program off the ground, help to align teams and processes, and score some quick user experience wins. 

In this webinar Elevated Third's CEO Jeff Calderone and Creative Director Judd Mercer will outline 5 go-to personalization plays you can implement on your Drupal site.

It will discuss:

  1. Courting Current Customers - Why treat familiar customers like strangers? Instead, personalize to help empower and educate.
  2. Welcome Mat vs Welcome Back - Do you introduce yourself twice after seeing a familiar face? Your website shouldn't be tone-deaf either.
  3. Industry Insights - Show you're the expert with a lens on your site that skews towards a specific industry—great for ABM. 
  4. Attack the Stack - Target a visitor's device or company technology profile to show how you fit in. 
  5. Brilliant Buyer's Journey - Sync up your email campaigns targeting phases of the buyer's journey with your website. 


Man with dark hair wearing blue suit and smiling
Written By
Jeff Calderone Founder and CEO

Experience in the non-digital world gave Jeff a grounded perspective in what it means to work––and work well. Whether working in construction and learning how to “move up” out of the mud, or anticipating what an anesthesiologist was going to do next to save someone’s life, Jeff has always looked for ways to do things better.

Judd Mercer
Written By
Judd Mercer VP Creative Strategy

A dot-bomb survivor, Judd learned the trade of a designer as a high school intern and has been doing it ever since. Expanding into design strategy, copywriting, architecture and analytics over 16 years, he’s evolved into a strategic design leader with the ability to think big and go wide.