Power Website Personalization with Drupal+ Marketo

White Paper

Web personalization with Marketo

Most vendors overcomplicate personalization and make it sound too big to start small. But all it really takes is the right recipe of mainstream tech that you already have—Marketo and Drupal 8. 

Building a tech stack that works across your organization is no small feat. You've already spent time and money evaluating and implementing best-of-breed technology. You may have hired a Drupal development company to get your site up and running. So why aren’t your marketing tech investments generating more leads? You have the right tools, but a conversion-focused personalization strategy takes it a step further. How? With Drupal 8, of course. No new tech, license fees, or major re-work. Just a better way of leveraging Drupal and Marketo.

Meet Drupal+

We've taken the power of open-source Drupal and tuned it to work better with Marketo. No new tech, license fees, or major re-work. It's what you have now, but better. Learn how you can use Drupal+ to start experimenting with personalization fast.

Drupal+ allows you to experiment with web personalization within the Drupal admin you already know. Connecting directly to a data source, like Marketo, the Smart Content module acts as the decision agent so you can define how your content variations work in the moment, right where you already manage your content.