What's for Dinner? Using Predictive UX to Help Users Decide


Making decisions is difficult. To put this into perspective, picture yourself trying to decide what’s for dinner. You go on your favorite meal ordering app to find something, which offers you hundreds of options that you have to browse through and choose from. Now imagine if the same application could predict what you’re in the mood for and display only those options, without you having to do a thing!

We can actually do that, using predictive UX. How is this different from personalization? Predictive UX not only adapts content based on a user’s past choices the way that personalization does, but leverages machine learning and statistical techniques to make informed decisions on the user’s behalf.

Modern technology is shifting from mobile-first to AI-first and predictive UX is the next big trend. There are major benefits to helping users reduce their cognitive load — forcing them to make too many decisions will lead them to take the easy way out... of your site.

This talk is geared both toward UX designers and Developers. We believe in a collaborative approach to implementation and feel our presentation is relevant to both audiences.

What we cover:

  • What is predictive UX?
  • How machine learning powers predictive UX
  • How this can be implemented in Drupal
  • Predictive UX best practices and principles
  • Privacy concerns and ethics


Gurwinder Antal
Written By
Gurwinder Antal Technical Architect

With degrees in electronics and computer engineering, Gurwinder is just as comfortable writing a device driver as he is building a website. He has worked on projects in fields ranging from embedded systems and signal processing to mobile and software development. One such project led him to Drupal and soon after, to Elevated Third, where he now dives ever deeper into the world of web development.