Growing Our Pipeline through Terminus

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Our ABM team had a clear vision for how we wanted to use data and the right technology to win larger deals in less time. To make this a reality, we worked closely with the Terminus team to understand the “why” behind a conversion in order to refine our messaging and target accounts across available channels


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We have long specialized in enterprise B2B, leveraging Drupal to build marketing ecosystems to help our clients grow. We know larger sales opportunities take longer to close, but we wanted to shorten that cycle. 

To do this, we needed the right blend of demand gen and true ABM tactics that were supported by data to open our pipeline to more opportunities.


Using Terminus intent data, we focused on a 1:1 ABM approach, giving contacts a tailored message based on who they are and what they are seeking. 

We also used Terminus’ Contact Research & Management and Data Analytics tools to conduct research and refine messaging for all of our contacts. Then, we looked to Google Ads, Terminus Display Ads, and Terminus LinkedIn Ads to engage those contacts and even broaden our pool, pulling in departments like finance that are key parts of the decision-making process. 

Finally, our strategically placed chatbot helped us avoid the cheesy “what can we sell you today,” and allowed us to focus on broader organizational challenges that proactively engage prospects.

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With a small but strong ABM team, we leveraged our full technology stack to get actionable data to target the right people at the right time with the right message. We weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty by researching to refine our target market. 

We started going through our prospects with a fine-toothed comb using LinkedIn and Zoom Info to identify our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We knew this would narrow our reach to focus on more relevant leads, and didn’t waste time on targeting customers outside of this profile. 

All Together Now

Next we targeted Drupal migration requests, which are the most common solution requests we receive. To beat out competitors in paid search, we tracked our ad ranking and leveraged Terminus Data Studio intent data and Google Analytics to optimize SEO and PPC.

We then deployed Google Ads and Display Ads to our targeted contacts, frequently changing our ads to serve up relevant content.


Our chatbot also engaged visitors directly on the site. For example, if someone scrolled past a blog about migration issues, our chatbot would pop up and open a dialogue about how to face these challenges head on. 

With this strategy, we created a systematic approach for tackling our goals and providing prospects with valuable information when and where they needed it.

Google Ads and Terminus

Big Stats, Big Wins

The right tools make all the difference. With Terminus, our team not only optimized our data and refined our market, we also improved our direct marketing outreach, setting ourselves up for increased opportunities.


increase in targeted accounts


increase in deal size from Chat


increase in leads from Chat

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