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Recovering from Disasters Starts with Targeted Lead Generation

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Agility Recovery was doing all the right things to sell disaster recovery services: producing content and resources for prospects, running paid search campaigns, and using landing pages to convert. The problem? None of it was working well.

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Agility Recovery is an integrated business continuity solution that helps businesses plan, train, test, alert, and recover from disaster and interruption. Their team initially engaged us to migrate their unmanageable WordPress site to Drupal 8. In order to better power their digital and performance marketing efforts, Agility Recovery needed the flexibility and autonomy to make updates and changes to their website content. Drupal was a perfect fit. 

Post-site-launch, however, Covid threw the entire business world into chaos. In the midst of the pandemic, the Agility team evaluated demand generation marketing initiatives to better optimize and grow their site and business (such as paid search). Meanwhile, customers were concerned with vaccines and return-to-work plans. Ultimately, the challenge was to get Agility in front of the businesses that needed them most.

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Best of The Best Practice 

Rethinking B2B lead generation for Agility Recovery meant starting fresh with a new set of campaigns that would target potential prospects from different angles.

To start, we implemented ad groups featuring strong awareness and product-centric keywords to point to landing pages that educate users about Agility Recovery’s disaster recovery products and offer helpful downloadable resources. Meanwhile, we targeted competitor keywords as an easy strategy to capture the segments of the emergency notification market that are ready to buy.

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Real Conversions 

Revised ad copy now coordinates tightly with intent-based keywords for better clickthrough, quality scores, and conversions. Instead of focusing on just software in the copy, we put the main focus on software and Agility's other services, making a bigger impact. Best practices such as including statistics and clear CTAs improved our overall click-through rate and conversion rate, and, based on competitor analysis, having just one theme per ad drove the highest volume of qualified clicks.  

In addition to better-performing campaigns, existing landing pages proved to be a bottleneck for conversion. We optimized landing pages for paid search with usability and UX best practices in mind, and improved on-page messaging to better communicate what users would get after submitting a form.

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Immediate Results

The new strategy proves how an efficient paid search campaign can drive qualified, targeted leads. With a retooled, end-to-end lead generation approach, Agility Recovery saw lifts across the board with a huge increase (600%) in demo leads, visits, and overall paid conversion rate. 


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