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Gurwinder Antal

Gurwinder Antal
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What good is an idea if it remains an idea?

Simon Sinek

Why limit yourself?

Gurwinder likes to live on the technological edge, always thinking of ways to marry thrilling new ideas—artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things—to his everyday work.

Gurwinder is not your ordinary Drupal developer. His avant-garde approach, coupled with a strong technical background, lends him a unique perspective while engineering solutions for clients. At Elevated Third, teams rely on Gurwinder to help organize and tackle the toughest problems, including our contributed Drupal projects.

Anything Is Popsicle

With degrees in electronics and computer engineering, Gurwinder is just as comfortable writing a device driver as he is building a website. He has worked on projects in fields ranging from embedded systems and signal processing to mobile and software development.  One such project led him to Drupal and soon after, to Elevated Third, where he now dives ever deeper into the world of web development as a Senior Drupal Developer.

When he's not doing that, you will likely find him tinkering with his various breakout boards, losing at Dota 2, and absolutely winning at desserts.

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