Gurwinder Antal

Senior Drupal Developer

Image of Gurwinder Antal

Obsessed with technology, Gurwinder grew up wanting to explore the mysterious space between hardware and software.

With degrees in electronics and computer engineering, Gurwinder is just as comfortable writing device drivers as he is building a web application. He has worked on projects in fields ranging from embedded software and signal processing to mobile and software development. One such project led him to Drupal and soon after, to Elevated Third, where he now dives ever deeper into the world of web development. Being familiar with something as small as a microprocessor chip all the way up to enterprise-level software lends him a truly unique perspective while building and implementing solutions for clients.

It is incredibly inspiring to be able to take something inanimate and give it character, personality, and even intelligence! It is this joy of breathing life into technology, be it a gadget or a website, that fuels Gurwinder. Where others see a jumble of circuits and code, he sees an organic, living entity. Not like Frankenstein though. That would be creepy.