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Hanna Gibney

Hannah Gibney
Hanna and Leonardo

It’s not a competition, it’s a doorway.

Mary Oliver

Listen to understand

Hanna contributes a positive, engaged presence to her team, believing both that no one accomplishes anything alone, and a little joy or humor can go a long way. When approached with a task or a problem, she’ll cheerfully say “I’m right on top of that, Rose!” and dang it, she will be.

Hanna has a very diverse background of work, allowing her to see goals and issues from many angles. Her attention to detail and ability to absorb the core necessities and prioritize from there has been an asset throughout her career.

Know Your Worth

Hanna has done everything from making fancy cocktails, to running a chocolate factory, launching her own agency, supporting high profile executives, and even playing/coaching roller derby. Her work and life experiences make her a confident and capable professional that embraces challenges head on, and more over, thoughtfully.

If she is not reading a book or writing poetry, Hanna is rollerskating or watching anything fantasy/comedy with her wife, Be. They enjoy a quiet life in Asheville, mountain-gazing and taking long strolls with their dog Leonardo, who is absolutely named after the teenage mutant ninja turtle and is perfect.

Leonardo the Dog
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