Joe Flores

Senior Drupal Developer

Image of Joe Flores

A different perspective does not begin to describe the unique lens with which Joe sees the world.

It may seem odd at first, but some would say all great minds are.

With a wide range of projects under his belt, Joe has developed on many projects at Elevated Third including Harley Davidson, Postnet, GoinGlobal and Worldwide Express. But his experience doesn’t stop at that.

Joe’s been programming strange and amazing video games since he was a kid on an Apple IIc, long before teachers even knew how to teach such things. Joe was the type of kid who’d rather go to computer camp than learn how to drive, and spent a summer building skills he uses today—though thankfully, not on a 16-color display and dial-up connection. Some of his experience before joining the agency includes being a freelance developer and building software for a law firm.

Joe’s motivation lies in the messy, complicated problems. The kind that take a certain type of creativity to work around, something that keeps him interested.

Joe's Drupal profile.