Account Executive
Artist of Organization

Kara Ipson

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Action is the foundational key to all success.

Pablo Picasso

Getting it done.

Armed with sticky notes and an eye for detail, Kara takes on every project determined to deliver quality work and major accountability. 

Kara’s background is a combination of graphic design, advertising, project management, and a lot of creativity. Her passion for art allows her to bring a creative flair into all of the work she gets to touch.

Do great work.

During her time at the University of Oregon, Kara studied Advertising, where she discovered her talent for leading people. While in school, she explored project management, management consulting, and even started her own graphic design freelancing company. All signs pointed to an opportunity for her to lead good people, work with incredible clients, and do great work, and that was Elevated Third. 

Away from the screen, Kara might be hunting for vintage sweaters at thrift stores, painting with acrylics, or getting her feet sandy at the beach in her hometown.

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