Drupal Developer
Striving for Perfection

Micah Alconcel

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The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.

Henry Ford

Try, Try Again

Micah is accustomed to the loop of submit, get feedback, submit again. He'll submit as many times as it takes until the product is something everyone is happy with.

No matter how minor any piece of feedback might seem, Micah will take it to heart. He'll listen to any and all suggestions and try his best to implement them.

Practice Makes Perfect

With a B.S. in Computer Science, Micah was able to quickly learn the skills necessary to be a web developer. His first experience in the industry was developing a popular gaming website built with Drupal. Being the only developer on the team at the time, he had to manage all aspects of the site’s development, which turned him into a strong, well-rounded Drupal developer.

Outside of work, Micah keeps his mind sharp by playing any and all rhythm games he can find. He especially loves Japan’s arcade games, with their quirky controls, cute graphics, and challenging difficulty.

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