Elevated Third Among Finalists for 2019 Acquia Engage Awards

ArticleOctober 25, 2019

Denver, Colorado – 10/25/19 – Elevated Third today announced it has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Acquia Engage Awards in the Best Personalization in Practice category as well as our contributions to the Drupal community in the Open Source Giants category. The Acquia Engage Awards recognize the world-class digital experiences that organizations are building with the Acquia Open Experience Platform. 

More than 100 submissions were received from Acquia customers and partners, from which 48 were selected as finalists. Nominees who demonstrated an advanced level of functionality, integration, performance, and overall user experience advanced to the finalist round, where an outside panel of experts will select the winning projects.

Elevated Third, a preferred Acquia Partner, Lift Implementation Partner, and Mautic Partner, specializes in enterprise Drupal ecosystems to empower marketing and improve customer experience. For B2B companies, Drupal websites are the first customer experience touchpoint, and that experience should be as intelligent as possible.

Elevated Third’s personalization work for The Water Research Foundation and their contributions to the Drupal community are the reasons they finalists for the Acquia Engage Awards. 

For The Water Research Foundation, personalization was Elevated Third’s main objective with logged-in users having the ability to subscribe to project updates on their account dashboards as research continues year after year. Users can now follow topics to stay current on the science relevant to them. But Acquia Lift provides an additional layer of personalization. A pilot launch campaign speaks to three user types—brand new, returning and returning subscribers. Targeted blocks encourage people to create an account, or introduce new features to those with an account. Power users see a kind of “launchpad” that replaces generic information about WRF that new users might see with a more useful tool to get them to key features right away. Speaking to each audience member individually is all in the service of subscriber engagement, and ultimately, getting the research WRF produces into the hands of people who use it.  

As an organization that has reaped enormous benefit from Drupal for the last 11 years, Elevated Third understands that it is their obligation to give back to the community and software project that has enabled them to build a successful digital agency. Elevated Third has contributed back to the Drupal project in various ways over the years, but in 2019 they are making a conscious effort to focus on giving back in ways that are uniquely suited for and that will enable the success of their clients and their industries. As an agency, Elevated Third is focused on providing best-in-class Drupal experiences and consulting to companies in the enterprise B2B space. In this space, they can see the needs for seamless integrations with enterprise marketing tools, personalized website experiences to support ABM campaigns and complex customer journeys, performant websites that can provide a best-in-class user experience and an effortless admin experience at scale.

Personalization isn’t a stand-alone strategy. It doesn’t do anything on its own. Personalization ties all the parts of a strategy together to make everything more powerful. - Jeff Calderone, CEO, Elevated Third

Winners will be announced on November 5, 2018, ahead of this year’s Acquia Engage Conference, which will be held in New Orleans from November 11-13, 2019. 

“Acquia partners and customers are leading the charge for transformational change in customer experiences,” said Joe Wykes, senior vice president, sales and global channels at Acquia. “We’re proud to honor this diverse set of finalists for the Acquia Engage Awards. They’re creating world-class experiences that result in more meaningful interactions across every channel.”

The Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform offers a set of cloud-based technologies that provide the tools and infrastructure necessary for developers, IT operations and marketers to build, manage and optimize Drupal-based digital experiences. These capabilities are complemented by an API-first architectural approach designed to allow companies the freedom to integrate third-party data sources and systems to maximize existing investments.

The full list of finalists for the 2019 Acquia Engage Awards is posted to Acquia’s website. 

About Elevated Third

Founded in 2004, Elevated Third is a digital agency specialized in helping B2B companies harness the power of Drupal. Across multiple US offices, Elevated Third leverages Drupal to integrate and empower B2B marketing ecosystems with strategic thinking, top-notch user experience design, and world-class Drupal development. As a team of creative thinkers and technical doers, Elevated Third helps clients market better, manage easier, and grow faster.

About Acquia

Acquia is an open digital experience company. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community - giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms. To learn more, visit acquia.com.

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