Elevated Third at DrupalCon Global 2020

ArticleJuly 15, 2020

Elevated Third is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of this year’s completely virtual DrupalCon Global. We’re looking forward to lots of great conversations in our booth, but we’ve also put together a few more focused conversations, in addition to the sessions some of our team members will be presenting. Here’s a full schedule of everything our team will be doing - don’t hesitate to stop by. We’re looking forward to talking shop!

Wednesday, 7/15 (All times MDT)

Paragon and Smart Content demo and conversation with Harrison Liss and Nick Switzer
Location: Elevated Third booth
Join me and our Director of Business Development, Harrison Liss, for demos and conversation around our open-source Drupal distribution, Paragon, and our open-source Drupal module for personalization, Smart Content.

Talking Drupal with Joe Flores and Eric Schmidt
Location: Elevated Third booth
Joe Flores and Eric Schmidt, both tenured members of the Elevated Third development team, will be hanging out at the booth talking all things Drupal. Stop by to ask questions and learn more about what we’ve been working on recently - and don’t forget to ask Joe about his GAN-inspired paintings.

Preview presentation of Outstanding Admin UX with Nick Switzer and Aubrie Hill
Location: Elevated Third booth
Aubrie, one of our Senior Developers, and I will be rehearsing our session, scheduled for 9:15 Thursday morning, so we figured we may as well do it live! Join us for a preview and to talk admin UX in Drupal with Claro and Layout Builder.

3-4 PM
Live exhibit hall hours. Smart Content demo and personalization conversation with Jeff Calderone, Harrison Liss and Nick Switzer
Location: Elevated Third booth
Our live exhibit hall hours will be focused entirely on personalization. Our CEO, Jeff Calderone, Harrison and I will be hanging out talking Smart Content and personalization strategy. We may even be lucky enough to get a preview of Jeff’s session, 5 Powerful Personalization Plays for Drupal.

Thursday, 7/16 (All times MDT)

Outstanding Admin UX with Nick Switzer and Aubrie Hill
Location: Hopin Sessions
Join Aubrie and I for our full session in Hopin!

Live exhibit hall hours. Session follow-up Q&A and admin UX discussion with Nick Switzer and Aubrie Hill
Location: E3 booth
After our session, Aubrie and I will be in the Elevated Third booth ready to answer follow-up questions, or just talk admin UX in general.

5 powerful personalization plays for Drupal with Jeff Calderone and Mike Lander
Location: Hopin Sessions
Jeff and our Technical Director, Mike Lander, will be presenting a full session on personalization strategy and the technical details behind executing those strategies with Smart Content and Drupal.

Session follow-up Q&A and discussion with Jeff Calderone and Mike Lander
Location: E3 booth
Jeff and Mike will be in the Elevated Third booth immediately after their session ready to continue the discussion or talk in more detail about how you can get started with personalization today.

Building a Mature DrupalCamp with Nick Switzer and Matthew Saunders
Location: Hopin Sessions
Join me and our Camp Director, Matthew Saunders, to learn a little more about the history of DrupalCamp Colorado and what goes into planning a successful camp.

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Nick Switzer Development Director

With a background in journalism and digital media, and 10 years of Drupal development experience, Nick is perfectly suited to ask the right questions and build the systems to display that information in a meaningful way. That deep, technical experience combined with his natural ability to connect with others makes him the perfect fit for managing one of the best Drupal development teams around.