Painless Drupal 9 Migration

We know, we shouldn't say the "M" word, but with the new release of Drupal 9, it's important to know how much better life can be for you and your customers—once you rip the bandaid off. But you need the right Drupal consultants help you make the transition. 

Are you suffering from migration procrastination?

  • If not now, when?

    There’s no good time to migrate to Drupal 9. It’s a challenge no matter when you decide to take the plunge.  

    But the longer you wait, the more you are missing out on critical features that can give you an edge. 

    Drupal 7 will stop supporting security patches in 2021
    Module development for older Drupal versions is slowing
    Forget thinking about personalization until you modernize
  • We've done the work, so you don't have to worry

    Drupal 9 came out in 2020. Since then, our Drupal 9 migrations have been smooth sailing.

    After 14 years of Drupal development, we have yet to be thrown a curveball that we can't knock out of the park. 

    Drupal 8 has a pain-free upgrade path to Drupal 9
    Most contributed modules will still focus on Drupal 8 well into 2021
    Avoid getting caught down the road with no budget and lack of security looming
  • We get it. Budgets are real. But there is more than one way to skin a Drupal site.

    While you may be missing out on key UX improvements, it is possible for experienced Drupal consultants like us to “lift-and-shift” older Drupal sites to Drupal 9 with little changes to content. It’s a good way to modernize the site as a first step and tackle UX and design down the road.

    Improve underlying architecture without disturbing front-end experience
    Tackle UX/design improvements down the road with a site that is easier to manage
    Make budget count with a solid Drupal foundation for the future


You’ve been putting that Drupal migration off for far too long—a comprehensive sweep through your content to find out what’s worth keeping, updating or cutting.

But that sounds haaaard…

We get it, which is why we’ve developed a process to identify, prioritize, standardize, and execute a Drupal 9 migration as painlessly as possible.

Trust us, future you (and your customers) will thank you.

migration example
diagram of drupal upgrade path


But first, the bad news.

If you still are looking at a Drupal migration from 6 or 7, you need a fresh build. The D8 codebase changed to the extent that no real upgrade is possible. Sorry. 

Now the good news!

Once you are on Drupal 8, or jump right to Drupal 9, you will never need a complete rebuild again. Smooth upgrade paths will existing to Drupal 10 and beyond. Point is, once you get on the Drupal 8 train, you never need to get off.


If you partner with us for your Drupal migration, you don’t just get another basic Drupal site. Instead, you enjoy all of our B2B experience built into our free, Drupal base-build we call Paragon.

Paragon provides marketers with the tools you need. Martech integration. Drag-and-drop editing. Responsive media management. SEO and security out-of-the-box.

No fees. No design limitations.

Every new client we work with takes advantage of the latest and greatest and we customize from there.

Ready for a demo? Let's set one up.

diagram of paragon


Join the ranks of our other happy clients who chose us as their Drupal agency to lead their Drupal migration projects. It is possible! 

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