The Case For Drupal 8 Migration

White Paper

Customer experience. Data-driven marketing. Unified customer data. Digital transformation. You’ve heard the buzzwords and have a laundry list of things you’re not doing—or struggling to do—with an older version of Drupal.

Your Drupal CMS needs to be more than a CMS. It needs to be an integrated hub for your marketing ecosystem and customer experience. Say goodbye to Drupal 6 and 7 and say hello to Drupal 8. A Drupal 8 migration brings the latest and greatest Drupal 8 features but also gets you ready for the impending launch of Drupal 9. 

Digital Transformation is tough—and only getting tougher. 

Across the board, enterprise companies (and their digital marketing teams) struggle with technology platforms and integration in an effort to stay nimble. Customer experience is at the top of every marketer’s list, and the nd for ROI is growing. And it’s only going to continue.

Technology should support digital transformation. But older versions of Drupal can be the biggest hindrance. Think back to your brainstorms and team meetings. Any of these sound familiar?

  •  We spend too much time managing content and not enough time producing it

  • We spend too much money on developers to make simple site updates

  • We have so much inefficiency with our disconnected systems

  • We can’t seem to optimize or evolve out of our current situation

  • We seem a long way off from personalization or targeting

With a Drupal 8 migration, these common complaints become a thing of the past. See