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ALTEK, a global B2B company, provides a complete end-to-end solution for aluminum waste production. By putting what would be wasteful byproduct back into the aluminum processing cycle, ALTEK’s technology fuels a higher ROI and a greener planet.


ALTEK’s technology turns waste into a more useable product that directly delivers more revenue to businesses—a one-of-a-kind technology in the aluminum industry. The problem? Prospects are skeptical.

The challenge was changing the hearts and minds of those non-believers. After recently being acquired by another company, ALTEK’s marketing team was short on resources to define a clear strategy.

That's where we came in.

Altek Navgation

Less is more

Speaking the right language is key.

It was necessary that the navigation was tailored to ALTEK's audience; what existed in the previous menu were options pertaining to products and resources, but something critical was missing.

Whether the user was in a procurement or leadership role, the new navigation strategy allowed all decision-makers of B2B businesses to access the information most relevant to them. We defined our core user flows to better sell and educate at the same time while using best-practice navigation patterns that work. We boiled it all down to simple and distinct choices, such as a “Solutions by Role” navigation, to produce a smooth, seamless user experience.


To help convince skeptical users of the value ALTEK provides, our Drupal developers built a cost calculator into the center of the home page to communicate how much revenue they were leaving on the floor. Literally.

Visitors can learn the true projected annual cost savings and payback period on their investment in an instant. This educates potential customers while building trust through transparency, turning the "too good to be true" into a potential business venture.






Increase in conversion from users interacting with the cost calculator

Post-site launch, we saw the amount of time that users spent on-site double, and the rate at which they converted rose by 400% among those who interacted with the cost calculator. All of this to say, our goal of creating a more relevant site and increasing user engagement was achieved.

By designing our navigation to better serve ALTEK's audience and building trust through data and transparency, we created an intuitive and engaging user experience for an overall improved digital presence.