One unified transportation network fueled by Drupal


Trimble acquired multiple divisional entities, ultimately forming one Trimble Transportation business. 

Under a unified brand, Trimble offers an entire ecosystem of products and services, maximizing their customers’ productivity, efficiency, and safety.


Their mission: to connect and simplify the world’s supply chain, enabling customers to amplify the productivity of people and resources. With hundreds of products and no clear way to sell them, Trimble Transportation needed a website and positioning overhaul to better connect with customers and drive leads. 

For Trimble, it was a challenge to organize such a wide array of products in an intuitive hierarchy. This led to a scarcity of leads and was limiting revenue growth; they required a new platform that rapidly accelerated lead generation and took their digital presence to the next level.

Additionally, an improved SEO and content strategy was imperative to help ensure that the right information was targeting the right audiences in terms that would resonate with them, ultimately leading to more leads.


Trimble - detail


A connected supply chain is one of Trimble’s core competencies, but that story was lost in the weeds of a complex site. With an understanding of key stakeholder objectives and critical pain points, we worked together on a plan to alleviate those blockers and create a unified, simple site experience that would drive leads.

A deep dive into customer surveys revealed clear pain points. As discovery synthesized user personas into actionable customer journeys, key elements of the experience needed validation. Navigation was a critical component, for example, as it serves as both a canonical product reference and the primary way that customers explored offerings. Tree testing methods pitched navigational prototypes against competitors to validate word choice and hierarchy with customers.

Starting from the bottom

To get leads in the door, we needed to take a holistic approach.

The solution consisted of not only a new Drupal site, but also assisting with their ABM strategy as well as improved information architecture, consolidated domains, and integration with existing Uberflip content. 

Additionally, a complete content overhaul meant collaborating with Trimble to review a massive amount of content, rewriting pages, creating assets, and nurturing the site creation process.


Trimble - design
Trimble - wide

Increase in click-to-calls


In product/solution engagement


Increase in contact submissions

The data speaks for itself

We looked at reviewed interactions from all channels & user flows (specifically to product pages) to ensure that we were reaching the right audience with the right content. Validating UX strategies early and often resulted in the site performing nearly 2x better four months post-launch across multiple KPIs. 

Personalization & integration are next on the agenda. Smart Content, our Drupal personalization module, provides the right tools needed to further cater the Trimble site to users for the smoothest experience possible.