Drupal SaaS Website Relaunch

Sitecore to Drupal Migration for Vertafore

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Vertafore is provider of software/SaaS products to the insurance industry

An image of Vertafore's Drupal backend
An image of the Vertafore Site on mobile and desktop
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Vertafore's products directory

Sitecore to Drupal Migration

Vertafore turned to Drupal and Elevated Third for a CMS solution built around scalability and long-term growth. They wanted a digital marketing machine that would pick up steam and support the business as it grows. 

Sitecore was reaching its limits and could no longer support a growing database and library of resources.

Our technical architects worked with the Vertafore team to map out a migration strategy that accommodated legacy pages and left room for expansion. We organized pages and components into an intuitive taxonomy which uses tags and relationships to deliver relevant content across the site. And, thanks to Drupal’s extendibility, our team implemented the Apache Solr search plugin to make this content indexable and immediately accessible. 

Mobile Responsiveness 

Mobile responsiveness is table stakes for the SaaS industry and, as is the case with most growing software companies, mobile traffic to Vertafore.com is only increasing. Delivering a sub-par mobile experience is simply not an option.

Again, we turned to the flexibility of componentized web design. We designed and built an adaptive component framework that is optimized across devices and screen sizes. Using the flexibility of Drupal, our team delivered a robust mobile experience that keeps users engaged and moving down the purchase path. 

The Vertafore site on Mobile

Marketo Drupal Integration

Leveraging the connectibility of the Drupal CMS, our team implemented a custom Forms 2.0 integration with Marketo. Our solution helped empower the Vertafore team to manage its leads internally, while giving it the technical infrastructure to use its marketing tools to their full potential.

 Forms 2.0 on the Marketo site


Drupal for SaaS

For an enterprise company like Vertafore, a CMS that can keep up with the dynamism and explosive growth of the SaaS industry is paramount. For this reason Drupal is emerging as a leading CMS solution. From managing content to connecting with an increasing arsenal of marketing tools, Drupal has the scalability and flexibility to make it happen. 

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