Sitecore to Drupal 8 migration and optimization

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Vertafore came to us seeking a modern digital marketing experience and a Drupal migration from Sitecore. As a leader in the SaaS-for-insurance industry, our challenge was to move to Drupal to improve quickly the overall experience. 

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Vertafore's previous website, locked away in an unusable Sitecore instance, required improved CX, SEO, and mobile responsiveness, as well as a clear path to purchase.

Working with a partner design agency, it was our job to knit these requirements together in the Drupal 8 CMS. As an expert Drupal web development company, we're familiar with working with multiple partners, from brand agencies to demand-gen firms, to build high-powered marketing machines. 

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Sitecore to Drupal 8 Migration—Open Source FTW.

Vertafore turned to Drupal and Elevated Third for an open-source digital solution built around scalability and long-term growth.

Vertafore needed a digital marketing machine that would pick up steam and support the business as it grows. 

Sitecore had reached its limits and could no longer support a growing database and library of resources, and it was difficult for the marketing team to use. 

Our expert Drupal consultants worked with the Vertafore team to map out a Sitecore-to-Drupal  migration strategy that accommodated legacy pages and left room for expansion.

We organized pages and components into an intuitive taxonomy that uses tags and relationships to deliver relevant content across the site using automated associations. And, thanks to Drupal’s extendibility, our team implemented the Apache Solr search plugin to make this content indexable and immediately accessible. 

Mobile Is As Mobile Does

Mobile responsiveness is table stakes for the SaaS industry and, as is the case with most growing software companies, mobile traffic to is only increasing. Delivering a sub-par mobile experience is simply not an option.

Again, we turned to the flexibility of componentized web design. We designed and built an adaptive component framework that is optimized across devices and screen sizes. Our Drupal development team, leveraging Drupal's built-in responsive foundation, delivered a robust mobile experience that keeps users engaged and moving down the purchase path. 

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Marketo+ Drupal 4EVA

Leveraging the connectability of the Drupal CMS, our team implemented a custom Forms 2.0 to integrate Drupal with Marketo. Our solution empowers the Vertafore team to manage its leads internally, while giving it the technical infrastructure to use its marketing tools to their full potential.

Our new site serves as a hub for our marketing efforts. Our content is more manageable and easier to leverage in the lead generation process.

Chris Ryan
Digital Marketing Coordinator