Virtual B2B solutions powered by Drupal


Coupa, a business management software company, came to us with a fast and furious mission in the midst of the pandemic. 


Like many businesses that rely on in-person events to connect with customers, Coupa was faced with the challenge of executing a virtual event in place of their annual user conference due to the coronavirus pandemic. A fast pivot needed a nimble team to execute, and we had just four weeks to figure it all out.


Coupa realized that developing a CMS solution in-house would not meet their time constraints and would put a heavy demand on their internal marketing team. Drupal was a natural choice, and so were we, based on our extensive B2B SaaS experience.

We quickly assembled a team of B2B strategists & developers and got to work. An organized content strategy, integrated with Marketo, would easily scale to future events.  A landing page for their new worldwide virtual event was the centerpiece of the strategy, to engage attendees and provide more digital interaction with customers & prospects.

COUPA - detail

ready, set, launch

With the clock ticking, we were able to efficiently navigate through this project to successfully produce a comprehensive website within our deadline, while enabling a new virtual conference experience.

In a four-week time frame, we implemented core capabilities of Drupal that allowed Coupa to quickly meet their conference objectives of lead generation and a more intimate connection with prospects through their digital conference. Going forward, Coupa has a site that allows for ease of use with the flexibility to manage it on their own.

COUPA - hero


What first was a static webpage was transformed into a digital conference experience, able to be manipulated and edited by their content authors with speed and ease.

Coupa’s site is a testament to the collaborative partnership we implement in our process that paved the way for a cohesive and functional site that produces a seamless user experience while also supporting critical business goals.