Kathy Weisbrodt

Account Director

Image of Kathy Weisbrodt

Kathy is seasoned manager of brands, projects, and accounts.

Kathy feels just as at home partnering with clients as she does coordinating all the details to ensure a successful project experience.

With an education in Communication and over 10 years of digital agency experience, Kathy has the ability to effectively recommend new technologies to clients to meet business objectives. Having worked with clients like GE, Pfizer, Schering Plough, Merck and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation she’s familiar and comfortable presenting recommendations to drive ROI for her client's brands. She knows what it takes to create a great user experience, and is passionate about providing effective, meaningful, and valuable interactions for her clients and their customers.

Kathy is motivated by honest communication and collaboration across teams. Whether it’s climbing across the top of a mountain, winning a race, or finding the right way to answer to a tough problem, she enjoys being on a diverse team and working toward a shared vision.