Michael Lander

Technical Director

Image of Michael Lander

Mike takes a big-picture approach to technical problems. With an ability to deconstruct and understand complex ideas, Mike doesn’t (or can’t, really) stop until he’s figured it out.

Acquia Grand Master BadgeSince starting work as a part of our team, Mike has been involved in a variety of projects, both in technical architect and web developer capacities. His Elevated Third projects have included State of Colorado, GLP and Comcast. Before joining us, Mike worked on the internal website and other sites for a university.

A blend of graphic design, web development and landscape architecture gives Mike a rare vantage point as a developer. He’s designed things to be built by hand and by code, with an understanding about the planning and creative process. Mike finds the fast-moving world of digital to be his kind of speed.

Every day is different, and that’s what keeps Mike engaged. Whether it’s a tough technical problem or a just-barely-going-to-make-it deadline, he stays immersed in a challenge until he overcomes it (occasionally requiring an afternoon at the driving range to figure it all out).

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