VP Strategy
Driving Unified Action

Nedra Hutton

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Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Strategy is choice.

Strategy is about shaping the future you want to see. It's effectively leveraging resources and delivering the most value from each experience.

Nedra is the quintessential chaos coordinator, understanding that a great strategy begins with saying no..no to what doesn’t make sense, create value or drive results. Looking at the whole picture, she chisels away at what is not to reveal the beauty and strength of what is.

You’ve heard it before: you can’t see the forest for the trees. Seeing a company or business unit from 30,000 feet is vital to deciding what to do. Some problems need solving right now, others can be saved for later. The key is knowing which ones need to be solved, in what order, and how to get all the right resources moving in the right direction.

Everything is figureoutable.

What is the right way to do this? A seasoned strategy professional, Nedra brings her creativity, strategic thinking and love of all things digital to bear as Elevate Third’s VP of Strategy. With a body of work that extends into some of the most well-loved consumer, pharmaceutical, real estate, tech and automotive brands in the world, her experience has given her a vast array of knowledge that can be applied cross-industry and a unique perspective and approach to work from.

When Nedra is not working and solving problems at work, she’s solving them at home. She’s a mom of nine and understands the value of taking the journey. Most of life isn’t about the destination. Sometimes the best part is the journey to get there. She enjoys taking trips with her Travel Buddy (aka her husband) and is an avid collector of shoes, plants and passport stamps. She also enjoys reading, cooking and a fine glass of wine or a nice chocolate martini, if you have one.

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