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Shannon Cate

Shannon Cate
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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein

The question is, what CAN we do?

Shannon approaches resource management with an empathetic ear and a goal to balance the people, project and business needs. She is always analyzing the data and consulting her departmental experts to provide the best possible options for team and project success.

Shannon asks the right questions and challenges the status quo to ensure that all viable resourcing options are considered when allocating a project. Her big picture view combined with a kind and honest approach to resourcing guides the team towards solutions-focused discussions.

Assume best intent.

Shannon brings over 9 years of traffic and resource management experience to E3, from both the agency and client-side. She believes that the best resourcing strategies and solutions come from cross-departmental collaboration. Shannon also strives to provide long-term visibility and clarity of resource capacity and project plans through optimizing tools and streamlining processes.

Outside of work, Shannon enjoys performing as 2nd flute in the Fox Valley Orchestra and also as a hired church flutist. She spends the rest of her free time with her husband, Justin, and their two small dogs, Dublin and Piper. They enjoy taking strolls and bike rides in the fresh air, hanging on their patio on a sunny day, and binge watching a good show when the mood strikes. From time to time you can find them hosting a party for family and friends.

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