2024: The Year of B2B Simplification

ArticleFebruary 12, 2024

Is the new year hitting you with B2B strategy roadblocks? Is your C-suite thinking of cutting ABM because of budget pressure? Freezing spend on martech? Welcome to 2024. We can help you knock down those roadblocks with key ways to simplify and get more out of your efforts: 

1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Despite budget pressures, it's important to advocate for ABM and showcase its value and long-term benefits. Align ABM with your business goals and demonstrate its potential for revenue growth. Consider quoting industry analysts to support your case. Additionally, focus on a smaller, high-potential target account list to allocate resources efficiently and personalize your approach.

2. Martech Efficiency: Instead of searching for new tools, assess your current martech stack and identify areas for improvement. Determine if your existing tools are aligned with your goals and make sure you are utilizing them to their fullest potential. Look for untapped features and functionalities that can enhance your results. Prioritize addressing critical gaps and optimize existing tools, workflows, and processes. 

3. Test and Optimization: Testing is crucial for fine-tuning and optimizing your strategies. Without testing, you rely on guesswork and assumptions. Identify key areas with the most impact on user engagement and conversion rates, and prioritize improvements in those areas. Utilize tools like Mutiny to simplify and streamline testing, collect valuable data, and gain actionable insights.

4. AI Adoption: Standardizing AI implementation requires collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams and departments. Assess available AI tools, start with small groups, and assess what works and what doesn't. Identify low-hanging use cases that deliver quick wins and build momentum for wider adoption. Provide training and resources to educate teams about AI techniques and continuously monitor AI performance for necessary improvements.

5. Web Personalization: Tailoring content to individual preferences is essential for driving better results and creating meaningful connections. Target specific accounts or segments with tailored messaging and experiences. Ensure that your content is relevant and resonates with your target audience. Choose your target audiences wisely and focus on delivering the right message at the right time.

6. Don’t Talk to Everyone: Successful personalization means tailoring a message for a specific audience. Choose your audiences for the most impact. Maybe power users who are frustrated with a key experience - or a new cohort that represents an area of growth. You can’t personalize for everyone, so choose your target audiences wisely. 

7. Go for the Quick Wins:  Standardizing AI implementation starts with identifying low-hanging use cases that deliver quick wins. Begin with simple AI applications in sales, marketing, and operations. Demonstrating the value of AI in these areas builds momentum for wider adoption and lays the foundation for more complex initiatives.

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