Cufon, Drupal and Internet Explorer 9

Before we discovered Font Squirrel and Google Web Fonts, we used Cufon for all of our font replacement needs.

It's been a while since anyone at our shop has implemented Cufon on a site, but we just recently noticed that some of our older sites weren't rendering anything where Cufon text should have been in Internet Explorer 9.

After a little research, I came across this thread on

Turns out the fix is really simple for a Drupal site: just replace whatever old version of the Cufon javascript your site is using with version 1.09i.

You'll find the file you need to replace in the js directory of the Cufon module, which is most often located at sites/all/modules/cufon/js.

If you need to test the changes to be sure Cufon is working correctly but don't have access to a computer running Windows 7/IE9, check out this great net renderer.