W3C and WGA 2.0 Accessibility Standards

For public service, government and specialized websites, defined website accessibility design standards are a must—and we know how to use them. Our design and development team know how to design the right systems and write clean code to not only pass validation but provide all users with a positive experience. See how we did it for Sprint Relay.

Design Best Practices

All design should be easy to use. All websites should be readable, searchable, and focus user attention in the right places. We don’t need the requirement of AA WGA 2.0 standards to bake in as much best-practice accessibility thinking as we can to make every site as usable as possible. 

User Testing

Part of our design process involves testing and research. We evaluate language, design elements and layout with real users as the budget allows to not only strive for design solutions that resonate with users, but to deliver them. 

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