Lo-fidelity Wireframes
Medium Fidelity wireframes
High fidelity wires with visuals

User Flows and Funnel Analysis

We break down complicated processes into their big pieces before ever putting boxes on a page. User flows give us a bird’s eye view of an experience so that each user interface isn’t designed in isolation, but part of a complete process. 

Agile User Stories & Lean Prototyping

When working Agile, our prototyping process is driven by user stories. By focusing on highest priority items first, we develop design solutions alongside our Drupal web development team to get the most value out of each sprint. 

Drupal Website Prototyping

Placeholder text (“lorem ipsum”) and gray boxes don’t solve a lot of problems. Our prototypes and wireframes center on the content we are displaying and thus, the design and layout enhance the experience of it. The painting is the important part, not the frame it sits in.

Web Application Prototyping

When prototyping complex web applications we consider all the factors—user needs, the hierarchy of information, frequency of use, device context—before ever putting elements to a page. And only by testing can we promise helpful, delightful interfaces for end users and admins.  

Administration and Workflow

We don’t just prototype for end users. Admins have unique experiences running websites, managing users and publishing content. Our prototyping process helps identify admins needs, and customize the Drupal admin interface for each client. 

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