ABM Strategy to Drive Conversions with Drupal


As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Comcast knows a thing or two about making meaningful connections and implementing strategies for long-term engagement.

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Comcast Technology Solutions’ main goal was to better meet the needs of their customers and drive value in a saturated market. After launching a new product, Comcast used Using Elevated Third’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM)  strategy to launch a brand awareness campaign that targeted the unique, industry-specific needs of current customers to promote it.  At the heart of the campaign was dynamic personalization, which was made possible by integrating martech solutions into a single experience. 


Starting at the top of the funnel, we worked with the Comcast team to identify Target Account Lists (TALs) in Demandbase, serving users ads within the network via intent signals. With this approach, Comcast could better gauge a user’s interest to share relevant content and engage them in the sales cycle before a competitor. 

Look-alike accounts broadened the pool of potential customers, advertising to them on the fly to increase the likelihood of conversion.



Once a user clicks an ad, they land on the Comcast Technology Solutions Drupal site and are immediately met with a personalized message. 
Using Drupal’s Smart Content module, we enabled real-time personalization by integrating directly with Demandbase’s 
API and coordinating campaign messages to targeted users.

With remote work as the new norm, IP detection was no longer a reliable tool to understand and capture new users. Instead of losing out on valuable data, we employed UTM string capture as a backup identification method and extended this approach to traditional ad and email tracking URLs. 

We also appended anonymous profile data to Drupal/Pardot form submissions, passing along qualified leads to facilitate more connections and grow the Comcast pipeline. 


This collaborative, ABM-focused effort resulted in an increase of 30% average time spent on the site. With an added layer of targeting resulting in increased engagement, Comcast’s long sales cycle was future-proofed to provide more opportunities, setting up points for further personalization.