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SaaS website for Perforce Software


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A Flexible Base Build

To save budget and time, we utilized Paragon, a custom base build, to kick off the project. Our development team built Paragon as a base configuration of the powerful Drupal 8 core, with a collection of modules that improve administration, flexibility, security, and performance, all while staying true to Drupal. Paragon’s features increase the speed at which a site can be developed, and save money by addressing common problems during the first stages of a project.

Paragon utilizes component based design which means we are not limited by the number of page templates we can create and don’t spend time rebuilding the same elements on several pages. Our developers create components that can be easily compiled to form an endless amount of page configurations, which has helped Perforce build out a flexible website.

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Multi Audience UX

The challenge with this project was not in building the SaaS website, but rather in making it intuitive, usable, and helpful for Perforce’s various audiences, as well as the Perforce staff. Perforce specializes across a multitude of industries including medical, auto, and gaming, each with different communication styles. User experience was at the core of our process to ensure each vertical could easily navigate the website. This UX focus assured the new website was seamless for various audience groups but also simple for the internal content team.

The Perforce website is packed with resources that break down even the most complex software packages. To streamline content delivery based on the unique needs of users, we opted for a tiered content hierarchy. As users gain familiarity with the product offerings, they would naturally navigate to more in-depth content.

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Our custom-built downloads manager tool is the engine behind this new taxonomy system. It helps organize resources by product, resource type, and topic. This not only serves users but also site administrators who share ownership of the site and depend on a consistent back-end infrastructure.

B2B Industry Experts

A key component of the Perforce Software brand is its role as an industry expert. Our goal was to capitalize on this competitive advantage and translate a wealth of knowledge into an engaging user experience.

Perforce Saas Website

The new website supports rich media like videos, infographics, and events. We integrated with video streaming service Wistia for embedded videos, designed custom infographics and icons for an interactive experience, and organized events with intuitive registration pages.

"Our team worked to provide several stylized elements that could be used and implemented by marketers and designers alike to build custom pages on the site."

- Shannon Flowerday, Senior UX / Digital Designer, Elevated Third 

Drupal for Enterprise

In a project that showcases Drupal 8’s capacity for enterprise B2B website development, the new Perforce website delivers a seamless online experience for customers and site administrators alike.

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