Content + Design Add Up to a New Digital Banking Experience

New Alkami website on a tablet device

Alkami Technology is a leading provider of digital banking solutions for financial institutions whose platform enables clients to grow confidently, adapt quickly and build thriving digital banking communities.

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Alkami’s website is its biggest source of lead generation but performance on the old site was lacking. We needed to overhaul the user experience with a heavy emphasis on telling the right story. Alkami offers some of the most sophisticated banking solutions out there, but they can be complex and hard to explain. 

We needed to up-level the SaaS storytelling experience in which layout, copy, and visuals would illustrate how Alkami’s solutions could solve problems—and engage customers.

New look, new leads.

While rolling out a fresh brand is good, being able to bolster a new aesthetic with conversion-driven design is the best of both worlds. 

Personality and persuasion can coexist with controlled use of color contrast, attention focus, language and visuals. Balancing these attributes helps a brand like Alkami stand out in the watered-down FinTech market, but also drives customers to take the next step—be it a demo request, content download or email subscription.

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Making dollars make sense.

Great web content is clear, compelling, fast, and memorable. When all SaaS products start to look the same it’s important to stand out. 

But that doesn’t mean flashier. It means being strategic with copy and images to communicate how a product can help a customer (especially complex software). For Alkami the copy is fun and snappy while still communicating “what’s in it for me?” to customers.

Achieving this level of sophisticated simplicity involved intense client collaboration, interpretation of existing brand guidelines, a good understanding of the product, and copywriters and designers working together.

Results you count on.

Delivering a complete design and content package enabled Alkami to build out the rest of the site knowing the important stuff—the content—would be central to the site’s overall design and not an afterthought. 

By putting content at the heart of the process, the new site saw an immediate decrease in bounce rates and boosted traffic to solution pages that before were, let’s say, unpopular. 

Now the site is a a high-converting destination worth sending traffic to from every channel.

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