Insurance website design for Pinnacol Assurance

A Drupal website design for Colorado's Workers' Compensation Insurer

Insurance website design for Pinnacol Assurance
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Approachable Workers’ Comp    

Our research revealed a pattern of confusion and intimidation surrounding workers compensation policies. This discouraged users and prevented them from diving deeper into Pinnacol’s services. We sought to break down this barrier right off the bat, introducing an information hub immediately accessible from the home page. Here, users would be educated in a clear-cut, friendly way, without being patronized or berated by industry jargon. 

This commitment to educate not only facilitates a richer user experience, it also positions Pinnacol as much more than an insurance provider, but an industry leader for years to come. 

Updating with Ease

Such a comprehensive website naturally requires constant updates and revisions to keep up with changing tides in the industry. Luckily, Drupal 8’s new configuration module simplifies this sometimes daunting task. 

Drupal 8 allows new configurations to be stored and deployed consistently through different environments. This prevents new content from being trapped in limbo, and ensures that users do not have to wait to experience the freshest version of the site.

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An All-Inclusive Experience

Understanding the audience is crucial to providing a seamless user experience. For Pinnacol, we identified employees, employers, agents, providers, job seekers, and community leaders as key stakeholders who would require a dialogue with the site. The challenge was developing a navigation experience that consolidated general information so that it was broadly accessible, while also ensuring that each audience was intuitively funneled to more specific content. 

Our approach began by carefully crafting user personas that corresponded to these diverse audiences. After thorough experimentation, we mapped their experiences and designed logins and landing pages dedicated to each audience. From here, we reorganized a wealth of information through a taxonomy structure custom fit for Drupal 8’s revamped content management systems. This promotes a seamless user experience that answered to the individual needs of diverse audiences, while steering them clear of clutter. 

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Beyond Insurance    

With a proud history of over 100 years in Colorado, we wanted to ensure that the new site reflected Pinnacol’s commitment to its home state. The Pinnacol Foundation has contributed nearly $4 million in scholarships to Colorado children whose parents have been involved in workplace accidents. The Pinnacol in Action volunteer program has empowered employees to take action through partnerships with local nonprofits and community outreach efforts. Our aim was to incorporate these stories throughout the user experience, painting a much broader portrait of the Pinnacol brand that would resonate with potential business partners and job seekers alike.

Wrap Up

Stellar customer service remains the core of Pinnacol’s business approach. With this in mind, Elevated Third embarked on its largest Drupal 8 project to date. We came away with a simple, clean, and comprehensive insurance website design that prioritized the user and facilitated brand affinity. We hope this site communicates a renewed commitment to a service experience in the digital age. 

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