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Origami Risk is a leading provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk and insurance industry. They serve the needs of multiple sectors – from healthcare to construction, retail to manufacturing, and more


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But all these user journeys were scattered, and Origami Risk was in need of an integrated Drupal 8 site focused on conversions, which is why they reached out to experts like us.

Users from multiple audiences (that use the same products in completely different ways) to get to the right place on Origami Risk’s site. The fact that different users describe their needs using similar terms made getting users to the right solutions a significant navigational challenge. Intercepting and directing users to the products and services that align with their business was critical, while also highlighting that Origami Risk solves a variety of risk problems.



Making sense of the content chaos

A complex (and redundant) set of product suites confused users and obscured calls-to-action, so our primary goal was to get users to the right information. After that, supporting marketing efforts to build Origami Risk’s reputation while nurturing leads through a potentially long sales cycle.

The first order of business was to completely revamp the product architecture into more digestible, clear product suites. Origami Risk's industry is complex and so are their users. We took persona data and developed top-level themes to better tailor the site towards their ideal customers.

Collaboration on a hybrid card sort activity helped organize existing products into a new schema and led to new solution pages tailored to the uniqueness of their users and business line. Whether a risk manager in the construction industry or a VP of business health, Origami Risk has users covered.



There's something for everyone

We needed to communicate value while also creating a persistent nudge to speak to users as quickly as possible – hence, a navigation to help users explore in different ways. Product suites are things, or groups of products. Solutions are applications or problems we solve. By attacking both, we let users explore both sides of the same coin. Products that achieve a business outcome, or business outcomes that are achieved via products. These navigation concepts were validated with both SEO research and tree testing for performance. 

A flexible design system tells the product story via efficient, compelling content “chunks” that respect users’ time and are completely manageable by Origami Risk’s marketing team. Starting from scratch, we went through several rounds of design reviews to align on concepts that were exciting, but still user-friendly. It was important to be simple, but not stark. Minimalism with ample white space allowed the site to breathe to make it easier on users, since the industry is complicated enough.



positive results unfolding

Post-site launch, we saw resource center engagement jump nearly 300%, plus a 70% increase in demo requests. The updated website provided easier navigation for visitors, an aesthetic refresh to match the new direction of their brand, and a substantial increase in baseline conversion metrics.


increase in contact forms


in resource center engagement


increase in demo requests

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