We use the most effective tools to serve the needs of our clients. Whenever possible, we use tools that promote transparency, efficiency and communication.

Digital to the core, we employ modern tools that keep us productive and nimble. But we’re still old-school in the belief that whiteboard brainstorms, picking up the phone, and looking over a shoulder have their place in how we solve your business problems.

Productivity and Communication Tools

Two of the core elements of our business approach are transparency and communication. We have found several tools that help us do both of these better, without getting the way. 

Mavenlink serves as our central project and resource management system. Our account managers spend most of their Elevated Third life in Mavenlink, managing schedules, allocating team members to project tasks, monitoring budget health and keeping you informed of dependencies. Listen to how it's helped us with our clients. 

Asana is our day-to-day, nitty gritty task tracker. We use Asana with an agile flavor, setting up individual, accomplishable tasks in a project, and organizing them into sprints so we can manage progress weekly. 

Asana Task list
Mavenlink tasks gif
Mavenlink gantt chart
Asana sprints
In a fast paced environment, [tools like] Mavenlink are really helpful because they give us everything we need in one place.
Nick Switzer, Development Director

UX/Design/Development Tools

Our strategy, design and development teams stay highly collaborative throughout every project. Nothing is passed over the fence without context. 

Our discovery and UX process depends on a set of central, evolving Google Docs to capture project goals, benchmark research and analytics, content/IA analysis, user stories/requirements, development specs, and taxonomies. Each team contributes to and uses this baseline information to begin hands-on design and development. 

Google Analytics Dashboard
Moz Campaign Snapshot

UXPin, InVision, Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite help our UX designers bring concepts and UIs to life. Through these web-based tools, wireframes, user flows, rough prototypes and visual design can be developed and shared easily with your team for understanding and approval. 

A series of wireframes in Sketch
A wireframe with comments

The ultimate tool in our toolkit is Drupal, our open source development platform of choice. It’s the only thing we build on, and our developers are world-class. Learn more about how we use Drupal.

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