Acquia Engage 2015 Recap


Last week, Jeff Calderone and Harrison Liss from Elevated Third joined 600 other open-source enthusiasts in Boston at Acquia Engage - a digital conference put on by the Drupal-specific cloud platform Acquia.

Though the conference included keynotes on open source technologies and Acquia’s products, the range of topics included digital marketing, transformation, and innovation.

The event centered around customer appreciation, and whether you had been using Acquia for years, or you were an entirely prospective customer, Acquia invited all to participate and learn from one another in the true spirit of open-source.


Acquia Engage speaker


Keynotes/Interesting Topics

One of the most interesting speeches came from the CEO of HUGE, Aaron Shapiro. Aaron dove into the topic of anticipatory design - a topic he’s also written about previously in Fast Company. Aaron argued that technology has created a world in which we are inundated with choice, and this leads more difficult and stressful decisions. He believes that the future of design is not to think in terms of user interfaces, but rather to think about how to anticipate user’s actions before they even have to interact with an interface so that decisions are made for a user, based on their past behaviors and goals.

Implications for the Future

With the release of Drupal 8 and Content Hub allowing for more integration with 3rd party services, increased functionality, capability, and user experience, there are a lot of exciting things in store for open source. Acquia is clearly beginning to transition beyond the hosting company it began as, and is turning into a software products company. At the end of the day, Acquia is continuing to help Drupal to make massive strides in being able to compete with proprietary alternatives with more flexibility and at a lower price point.

Product Announcements

With the eyes of Drupal developers from all around the world on the Engage conference, Acquia used the spotlight to announce a pretty significant new product called Content Hub. Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service that allows for content to be distributed bi-directionally between platforms. Some estimates say that there is more content created every day than was created from the start of history until 2003. With a content explosion of this magnitude, businesses need a good way to manage all of it.