Denver Startup Week Elevated Third Event Recap


Last night’s Denver Startup Week (DSW) event at Elevated Third was a resounding success! The house was packed to the brim with entrepreneurs excited about learning how to market for their startups. Our Creative Director, Judd, and Director of Business Development, Harrison, presented a deck, which is available to see here, that focused on bootstrapping marketing efforts and effectively engaging with an agency when it is time to expand. In addition to the interesting presentation, we also provided a variety of craft beers for people to consume while listening or networking.

As the session was only our second time presenting at DSW, we weren’t sure how many people would come, but the attendance numbers blew all of our guesses out of the water. Around 250 people showed up, filling our 100 chairs at the back of the office while everyone else mingled around the office space all the way to the front end.

Judd started the first part of the session off by talking about developing marketing strategies when strapped for cash. There were several main ideas: leverage, write, experiment, analyze and prioritize. Each of these aspects will contribute to success in a business that is time-consuming and low-budget, with the potential for great achievement.

After an intermission Q&A section, Harrison then spoke about how a startup can have a beneficial relationship with agencies, and when a new company should look into hiring an agency. While the main expectation of an agency engagement should be success, there needs to be much research and trust that goes into the relationship.

Though our event hosting with DSW may be complete, there are still many events going on this week. Hopefully, we will see you at next year’s Denver Startup Week!

Photo credits to Nino Silva of Elevated Third.