Denver's Office of Sustainability Partners with Elevated Third


Elevated Third and the Office of Sustainability are excited to announce their partnership together in a redesign on their website.

The Office of Sustainability came to Elevated Third to recreate their online presence after it was decided to move their previous website, Greenprint Denver, to be aligned with City and County of Denver site and branding. Elevated Third will be performing a content audit to help create a streamlined information architecture. Within the City and County of Denver branding, the digital agency will also be creating a more personalized look and feel for the Office of Sustainability site to differentiate it from other departments.

One of the goals for the Office of Sustainability in redesigning their site is to make their sustainability initiatives and information more accessible to the public while still maintaining an easy to use internal interface for administrators. Elevated Third will be designing the website to put an emphasis on getting people involved with 2020 Goals and how the community can benefit from the Office of Sustainability.

About the Office of Sustainability: The Office of Sustainability is the successor to the Greenprint Denver Office. Sustainability is an end result and a process of planning and operating that provides for the needs of our people and businesses today without impairing our ability to continue providing for their needs in the future. The City’s central purpose in pursuing sustainability is to conduct City communications, business transactions and governance in ways that will help to make the City a prosperous, world class community where people and nature thrive by providing for the needs of current residents and businesses while preserving the City’s ability to do the same for residents and businesses in the future. The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to provide leadership, guidance, and coordination to the city agencies to implement its pursuit of sustainability. Success in implementing this mission will create a competitive advantage for the City, allowing it to retain and expand current businesses and attract new ones.

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency located in Denver, CO that specializes in digital marketing strategy and Drupal web development for local, national and international clients. The agency continues to cultivate a number of long-term relationships with clients across the healthcare, commercial, government, educational and nonprofit industries. Elevated Third is recognized for digital marketing solutions that integrate strategic creative with intuitive user experience. The agency also provides a variety of other award-winning services including branding, usability and SEO consultation. For more information, visit, the company's Facebook page or follow @elevatedthird on Twitter.