DrupalCon Austin or Bust


As the dev team burns the midnight oil to put the finishing touches on our new site, the design team is neck-deep in swag preparation for DrupalCon Austin.

With a new booth comes a whole new set of giveaways and print pieces to design and produce, and always in not enough time. But not to worry, for everyone out there heading to balmy Austin as well, we've got some great stuff planned!


Nothing says tradeshow like swag, and this year we've got the gear to help you survive your Austin excursion. First off, we've got some sweet magnetic macro lenses you can snap on to your phone to take wide-angle photos. Perfect for capturing crowded selfies...or whatever. We've also got some branded "RaeBann" shades (hey, they're free) to protect fragile web-professional eyes from this thing known as "the sun".


We wanted some contest giveaways that reflected how awesome Colorado is, so we've chosen some Kidrobot figures from Boulder you can win by tweeting us pictures with your lens or of you wearing our sunglasses. They're perfect for impressing your teammates in your next standup.

For the more sophisticated crowd we've got some great Topo bags that are classy and rugged at the same time. Like Clooney in messenger bag form.

We hope to see you all in Austin this year, and be sure to stop by booth number 512 to say "hi" and pick up some swag. For those of you interested in working here, yes, we're still hiring and will be there to answer any questions you might have.

See y'all in Austin!