Elevated Third and ChangeMyOil Launch New Site


Elevated Third is proud to have collaborated with ChangeMyOil in the launch of their new website. 

ChangeMyOil aims to provide its users with digital coupons for businesses and dealerships that specialize and provide oil change services. In addition to providing people with discounts, ChangeMyOil also hopes to funnel new customers through their site to local business partners.

To begin the ChangeMyOil website, Elevated Third first focused on understanding the startup’s business plan.  Focusing on providing oil change coupons allowed ChangeMyOil to not only develop a clear direction for their site but leverage a common practice among dealerships and oil change businesses to gain new customers.

Without any existing branding, the design process included developing a brand that created a sense of comfort and familiarity to those who are not mechanically oriented or familiar with mechanic shops. Instead of in-your-face branding involving checkered flags and NASCAR references, the user experience was oriented to the average car owner with minimal mechanical ability.

Throughout the project, User Experience took high priority. While some people may be looking for their coupons ahead of time, many users will think about getting their oil changes when getting into their car or while driving. With that in mind, ChangeMyOil was built with a mobile-first focus. Also, with ChangeMyOil being a startup, it was important to provide legitimacy to the site’s users and business partners. To help bridge the disconnect between users and businesses, Elevated Third included a Yelp integration. Reviews are now displayed through the Drupal site, providing users with a level of comfort when going to a new dealership or oil change professional.

About ChangeMyOil: A recent business startup, ChangeMyOil is a service that aims to provide its users with coupons to oil change businesses, while allowing businesses the chance to gain traction in the local community through a monthly subscription. The idea for the company was created by two brothers who were working for the U.S. Military in Afghanistan, where they spent their free time discussing plans for the creation of ChangeMyOil. For more information, visit changemyoil.com.

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency located in Denver, CO that specializes in digital marketing strategy and Drupal web development for local, national and international clients. The agency continues to cultivate a number of long-term relationships with clients across the healthcare, commercial, government, educational and nonprofit industries. Elevated Third provides digital marketing solutions that integrate strategic creativity with intuitive user experience. The agency also provides a variety of other services including usability, data analytics and SEO consultation. For more information, visit elevatedthird.com, the company's Facebook page or @elevatedthird on Twitter.