Elevated Third Earns Silver Davey Award

DORA Davey Award

Elevated Third’s work for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) earns a Silver Davey Award.

The Annual Davey Awards recognize smaller agencies that achieve big results in creative industries. The name derives from the underdog mentality that allowed David to defeat Goliath in the biblical story.

This ingenuity and fearlessness is central to our agency’s culture and our approach to new projects. We understand the value of big ideas in the face of daunting situations.

For DORA our challenge was communicating the complexities of government industry regulation and consumer protection to an audience that lacks industry specific expertise. Our solution was an exercise in efficiency. The campaign and website were finished in under 4 weeks. We conceived the “Ask DORA” campaign as a way to break down any barriers towards public involvement.

The Davey Awards prove that big budgets are not a prerequisite for big impact. We are extremely proud to be recognized in this capacity and we look forward to joining our fellow creative “Davids” in tackling the unknown “Goliaths” that lay ahead.