Elevated Third Expands Services to Content and Social Media


Denver digital agency Elevated Third is excited to announce the expansion of its services to now offer a content strategy that incorporates extensive social media planning and organized messaging. The content strategy has been implemented as a means to better educate clients on how to interact as a brand within the digital space, and the inclusion has remarkably streamlined the agency’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing and communications.

Elevated Third’s decision to extend their web strategy services began in 2011, as the number of clients approaching the company in need of copywriting and social media alignment reached an all-time high. While the agency specializes in web development, particularly Drupal-based web solutions, Elevated Third’s multi-disciplined approach to web strategy grants them the ability to help clients beyond simply a reorganization of existing content. The addition of professional in-house writing services now provides consistency in helping clients to meet their goals through better communication of brand objectives that closely align with functionality and SEO.

The content strategy involves the planning, organization and delivery of written information across the wide array of communication channels online. Within the content strategy is a social media strategy, which Elevated Third tailors for each client to instill value within a brand’s social interactions and its audience. Together, the strategy and social media services are structured around a long and short-term editorial calendar that organizes brand messaging by channel and targeted audiences.

When combined, content and social media messaging work together to communicate with audiences through an entirely unified brand voice. Elevated Third aligns each message with search-optimized content, and strategically publishes across a variety of content types including on-page website copy, email marketing, blog entries, press releases and conversations across various social media outlets.

A content strategy and social media process is a catalyst to the evolving climate of organic search engine strategy, and Elevated Third believes that further involvement with search-engine optimized content will drastically heighten results for clients in their online conversion goals.

The now full-service agency is excited about the service addition of what has become one of the most important parts of a brand’s digital presence. “It’s been clear for a while that content drives digital marketing. As an agency, it’s great to have the skillset and critical mass to offer a comprehensive solution to our clients,” says Elevated Third principal Jeff Calderone.

About Elevated Third: Elevated Third is a leading digital agency located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2005, the company specializes in web design and development, and offers a variety of other award-winning services including branding, email marketing, usability consulting and search engine marketing. Elevated Third has a unique approach that blends technological expertise and a specialization in Drupal-based web solutions. Their creative thinking has generated results-driven solutions for over 80 clients nationwide, from Fortune 500 companies to startups alike. For more information about Elevated Third, please visit elevatedthird.com, visit the company's Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter at @elevatedthird.